Apple Pie, smoothie-fied

I saw this recipe ( last night while browsing Popsugar on my iPhone and decided to try it out since I (surprisingly) actually had all the ingredients already in my fridge.

As Sheldon Cooper would say, Bazinga! Holy moly, I had no idea this would really taste like an apple pie. You know how yogurt companies like to tell you their flavored yogurt tastes just like some high-calorie, super-fattening dessert you’re not allowed to have on a diet? Well, I hardly believe those, but this smoothie is the real deal!

Try it! You’ll love it. And I’m off to make my second one now…

Addictively adorable

Polar bear Siku lives in Denmark and is the #1 reason I am dying to visit cold Scandinavia. Every once in a while, when I’m too sleepy to think, I watch him romp around his (fairly large) enclosure (for a bear born in captivity) over my morning coffee. He’s simply adorable and it’s so refreshing to watch him enjoy the simple things in life.

Long ago, Ben Graham taught me that “Price is what you pay; value is what you get.” Whether we’re talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down.

-wise words from Warren Buffett

Snack Attack

One of my closest friends calls me “The Bottomless Pit”. Why? I can always eat, even if I just ate. I don’t really say No to food. (Somehow I’m not 500 lbs., which my husband-to-be marvels at.) Word to the wise: when I’m hungry, stay away. Or better yet, throw me a bag of these and walk away quickly.

Yes, I just gave instructions on how to feed me like I’m some sort of wild animal that may attack you as prey (maybe I’ve watched too many lion shows on TV).

In all seriousness, these little innocuous-looking cookies are amazing. I recommend them in the chocolate chip variety. They are crunchy and delicious; perfect for satiating even the most hungry (and cranky) me. 

I buy them here ( so I can have a lot on hand, because both husband-to-be and I love these.

Get the smaller 2.125 ounce packages; somehow, the cookies taste better in the smaller pack. This also makes them perfect for throwing in your bag so you have a snack at hand. You can also find them sold individually at Whole Foods; that is where I first discovered these delectable morsels.

Anyone have any delicious snacks to share?

Perceived Value: The Art of the Heel

In the midst of midsummer clearance and consolidation sales, I always find it a bit jarring that an expensive heel will always seem like a better deal than a marked-down flat. Even when the cost of the reduced-price heel is, say, three times more than the poor, slovenly flat, my brain convinces me that the heel is definitely a fantastic deal that I. CANNOT. PASS. UP!

…which, in terms of the economic facts of the situation, really makes no sense. I hardly ever wear heels, given my genetic disposition towards bunion growth and lack-of-exercise-driven-weak ankles, and I live in flats. I wear flats everywhere. Despite this fact, which would make the cost per wear of an expensive flat shoe ridiculously lower than the corresponding designer heel, my LOVE of those gorgeous, leg-lengthening, bunion-growth-stimulating, pain-inducing, at-least-four-inch heels prevails!

I believe this madness is akin to art collecting. In my graduate student strapped budget, my art collection is limited to DIY framed photos of animals snapped on vacation and IKEA framed art, but my closet tells a different story. There, shoeboxes house my small, blossoming collection of art that is functional (well, at least for a few hours at a time). Hundreds of dollars hidden away in cardboard boxes, and, you know what?

It’s totally worth it.

A gorgeous red macaron tower = a new take on Christmas in July
I want one in each flavor.

A gorgeous red macaron tower = a new take on Christmas in July

I want one in each flavor.

Cute cute cute!
Thinking ahead to next month’s Miami trip, I’m going to need some new sandals. These are adorable and fun!
Miu Miu $495

Cute cute cute!

Thinking ahead to next month’s Miami trip, I’m going to need some new sandals. These are adorable and fun!

Miu Miu $495

If you like food and saving money, check out this website.

My brilliant college friend, Valerie, founded this website/recipe search engine/food blog/coupon harvester/genius invention and it’s super easy to use and pleasing to the eyes with its minimalist aesthetic and good choice of colors. I’m super proud of her for taking the risk and going for something she’s passionate about. She’s a physicist by training, with a Ph.D. from Cornell no less, and is now setting a great example for women who code to think out of the box and pursue non-traditional career goals! She is an inspiration!


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